Osteoid osteoma: diagnosis and treatment.


Osteoid osteoma: diagnosis and treatment.


Papathanassiou ZG, Megas P, Petsas T, Papachristou DJ, Nilas J, Siablis D. Orthopedics. 2008 Nov;31(11):1118.

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Orthopedics. 2008 Nov;31(11):1118.


Treatment of small but painful osteoid osteomas was traditionally based on either prolonged medication or resection. In the era of rapidly evolving minimally invasive techniques, reluctance has been posed against surgical interventions mostly due to their relatively high rates of recurrence, complications, or persistent pain. Nonetheless, incomplete pain control and intolerance to anti-inflammatory drugs unfavorably affect prognosis. The objective of this article is to explore the nature and clinical presentation of osteoid osteomas, discuss their imaging and histological features, review available data regarding surgical and percutaneous methods for addressing these lesions and comment on their feasibility, safety, and efficacy.

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